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Telehealth Behavioral


Struggling with school and/or personal issues? Don’t suffer any longer! BetterHelp can provide the professional counseling you need to relieve whatever challenges you may be facing. Licensed therapists are available to you via ongoing text communications, live chat, phone, video or groupinars anytime, anywhere at no cost to you. With this convenient and confidential service, included with your insurance plan, you’ll be matched to a counselor that best fits your needs.

While BetterHelp isn’t a crisis solution, it’s great for ongoing help with things like anxiety, eating disorders, depression and other mental health issues that can be overwhelming. Don’t wait – get help and get happy!

BetterHelp perks:

  • Licensed counselors available anytime, anywhere
  • Free of charge
  • Convenient access through the BetterHelp app
  • Save money and time

Website is on your SR ID card or in My Account


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