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Villanova Law School

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Student Assistance Program

24/7 Student Assistance Program (SAP)

Insureds have immediate access to the Student Assistance Program, a service that coordinates care using a network of resources. Services available include:

  • 24/7 Crisis Support – access to trained master’s level specialists, 24/7/365, who provide in-the-moment support and consultation.
  • Financial and Legal Advice – financial services are provided by licensed CPA’s and Certified Financial Planners who offer consultations on issues such as financial planning, credit and collection issues, home buying and renting and more. Legal Services are provided by fully credentialed attorneys with at least 5 years of experience practicing law.
  • Mediation services – available to help resolve family-related disputes, including but not limited to separation, child custody, child support, divorce property and debt division, etc.
  • Living Well Portal – access to [] where insureds can participate in personalized self-help programs and find information on many helpful resources.
  • CollegeLife – direct access to experts on the Optum team and through referrals to a broad spectrum of pre-screened and qualified convenience resources.
  • Sanvello – access to an evidence-based mobile care solution created by clinical experts that allows insureds to access on-demand help for stress, anxiety, and depression.

Translation services are available in over 170 languages for most services. More information about these services is available by logging into My Account under Additional Benefits.

Student Assistance Program Flyer