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Enroll Now - Dental Insurance

Welcome to the Student Dental Enrollment Center! Here you will find all the necessary tools to enroll in the Dental Insurance.

We suggest you review the brochure before starting the enrollment process.

2022 – 2023 Dental Enrollment Information 

Now Available

Student Eligibility

All students attending Thomas Jefferson University are eligible to enroll in the student dental plan.

Enrollment Instructions

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Students will not be required to submit payment for themselves, as the charge will be applied to your student account. Dependents must be enrolled at the time of primary


Open Enrollment Periods

If you are a student in the Fall semester and eligible to purchase coverage and you choose not to enroll for coverage before the Annual Enrollment Deadline, you, and your dependents, will not be eligible to enroll again until the start of the next Fall Semester unless you experience a “Qualifying Life Event” during the year.

*For new Students and their Dependents in the spring semester, before your Enrollment Deadline.


Annual – Enhanced
Student: $375.24
Each Dependent: $926.85


Annual – Basic
Student: $180.49
Each Dependent: $379.44


Coverage Effective: 8/14/22

Coverage Termination: 8/13/23

DENTAL ENROLLMENT DEADLINE: Students must submit enrollment by 9/16/22, to get a Annual effective date.

To speak with a UnitedHealthcare Dental Customer Service Representative please call 1-877-816-3596.

Benefit Summary


Dental Benefit Summary – Enhanced

Dental Benefit Summary – Basic


Dental Benefit Summary – Enhanced

Dental Benefit Summary – Basic