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Welcome to the Waive Your School’s Insurance Center!

This page is for those students who wish to opt-out (waive) out of the coverage under their school’s student insurance plan. The school’s student insurance plan can only be waived if the student has coverage under another acceptable insurance plan.

The first step to waive out of your school’s student insurance coverage is to verify that you are an eligible student.

2020-2021 Waiver Information

Hard Waiver Student Eligibility

  • All full-time domestic undergraduate students taking 12 or more credit hours
  • All international students regardless of credit hours

Are automatically enrolled in this insurance Plan at registration unless proof of comparable coverage is furnished.

Students must actively attend classes for at least the first 31 days after the date for which coverage is purchased. Home study, correspondence and online courses do not fulfill the Eligibility requirements that the student actively attend classes.

Begin the waiver process by following the instructions below.

Hard Waiver Student Waiver Instructions

Waiver Deadlines:

  • ANNUAL Deadline: 8/28/20
  • SPRING/SUMMER Deadline:  1/15/21 (for new incoming students only)
  • SUMMER Deadline: 5/12/21 (for new incoming students only)

Students must complete the Waiver form at:  .

Students who enroll in the plan at the beginning of Fall Term pay in advance for a 12-month policy. Students who begin in the Spring or Summer Term pay a reduced amount due to the reduced length of the policy.

Student policy information is available on the Johnson University website at Student Life → Student Health → Health Insurance Coverage. Once you receive an approved waiver, your waiver is valid for the academic school year. Fall of 2021, a new academic school year, will be the next time a waiver/enrollment will be required.

For those students who do not submit an approved waiver form before the deadline, you will be automatically charged and officially enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan. Once enrolled there are no refunds or cancellations. (Please note, automatic enrollment will occur AFTER the waiver deadline.)

Open Enrollment Periods
If you are a student in the Fall semester and eligible to purchase coverage and you choose not to enroll/waive coverage before the Annual Waiver Deadline of *August 28, 2020, you, and your dependents, will not be eligible to enroll/waive again until the start of the next Fall Semester.

*For new students in the Spring semester, your open enrollment/waiver deadline is January 15, 2021
*For new students in the Summer semester attending the Tennessee Campus only, your open enrollment/waiver deadline is May 12, 2021.

Qualifying Life Event

Students who did not enroll themselves during the open enrollment period may be able to enroll in the policy if they experience a Qualifying Life Event.
Qualifying Life Events include:

  • Acquiring a new family member
  • Marriage/Civil Union
  • Divorce
  • Loss or change of Job
  • Expiration of Benefits

If you meet the requirements for a Qualifying Life Event, you will need to provide the following:

  • Proof of qualifying life event/proof of involuntary loss of coverage
  • Enrollment Form
  • Payment

All documents and payment must be received within 30 days of the qualifying life event. After 30 days, the student or will no longer be eligible to enroll in the plan, until fall of the following school year.
Please CONTACT US for cost and enrollment information as a Qualifying Life Event.

If you have any questions about the waiver process, please call 800-505-4160 or CONTACT US

We are always happy to help in any way.

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